A selection of testimonials from some of our previous clients:

have read through these properly now and LOVE them. I think they are great with such useful and comprehensive advice in there for both sides. I really like the idea of the diary and the weekly 15 minute chats which we should definitely implement. I have printed them off.

Client 2020 November

What a brilliant CV and reference

Titled lady interviewing candidates August 2020

I really enjoyed the whole process today I appreciate very much the personal and collaborative approach which is an extremely rare and, I believe, sought after commodity by those who value this type of working relationship. Thank you as well for explaining what takes place in the pre/during/post parts of an interview process. This will be very helpful and I am grateful for the support.I look forward very much to working with you.

Estate Manager 2020 June

Thanks Clare – I am seeing the principal today Will certainly put XX CV in front of her too. I’m currently not using another agency on this as I like your approach so much

Estate manager 2020

Dear Clare, You have left an answerphone message for me to add to the detailed email reply to my original application. Again, thanks. It is a pity that more agencies don’t show the professionalism and commitment to responding to clients that you do.


I shall certainly recommend you.
Good luck with your business – filling a very big need.

Titled Lady 2020 March

Hi Clare! Long time! Hope you are well and doing good. My Boss’s Mother has asked on behalf of Friends of hers who have a house in Holland Park if I know of a decent Agent. They need a Couple to help them including cook, shop and driving. No idea of any other details about them or the job but I have said you are the best I know! Good luck! Take care.

Estate Manager Northampton January 2020

I’ve been away a lot with work over the last few weeks and XXX has worked so well! She’s kept everyone organised – cooked for everyone, organised Lily’s Duke of Edinburgh expedition trip, and kept all the tradespeople out of the main house to name but a couple of things. She’ll turn her hand to anything without hesitation and we get on really well. Thank you so much for your help in finding someone so compatible with our family needs!

Client August 2019

I hope xxx gets in touch, did xxx from xx ever get in touch? If not send them an email saying xxx has recommended domestic bliss recruitment agency for all their staffing needs

Client 2019 July

XX is terrific. We are happy to offer him the position of General handyman, gardener, driver. He is a charming man. Thank you Clare for finding us the right person at just the right time.

Client July 2019