Hire a Domestic Couple

Having worked as part of a Domestic couple as a cook housekeeper for 12 years and having over 15 years experience placing couples successfully with clients, Domestic Bliss is considered the expert in Domestic Couple Placement. Whatever your requirements I enjoy working with you providing a bespoke recruitment service to find the best fit for my unique client’s needs and seeking domestic couple teams equipped with the skills and qualities to stay with you happily and settled for a long time

Domestic couple team positions generally fall into two categories. In the first group, both members of the team carry out the majority of their work within the house and their duties may include any of the following: house manager, butler, valet, houseman, caretaker, family chauffeur, handyman, head housekeeper, housekeeper, cook, nanny.

The second group generally has one member of the team spending a good deal of time outside the house – estate management, gardening, maintenance and family driving – as well as helping in the house with heavier tasks. The second member usually provides support in hands on housekeeping and laundry or oversees house management .  In some cases Perhaps requiring a qualified chef  or cook.

Domestic Bliss recruitment standards

We require all our domestic couple teams to have proven experience of working in a private household. They provide a full work history photographs and written references. I personally interview every couple and investigate their backgrounds and can ask detailed questions about their skills, examine their qualifications and, in the case of gardeners and chefs, view menus and photographs of their work.

Salaries and Benefits

IN March 2018 the salary survey showed most couples are earning £750npw minimum with some highly skilled couples earning up to £900npw. Accommodation all found is typically provided and sometimes use of a car.

Our Services

I am happy to visit you at your home or schedule a telephone call and take all of your requirements. Once we have established and agreed your personal job description I will speak to my registered couples who are seeking work and use my word of mouth connections the website and advertising to attract exactly what you are hoping to find.

You will receive a shortlist with a CV showing all the work history, a photograph and written recommendations. We schedule interviews and I make all the travel and diary arrangements and confirm all the details in writing. After interviews I work with you to give verbal and written offers and follow up extensive verbal reference checks as well as provide passports DBS and salary details. Even after the couple start I work with all parties to ensure a good foundation to a happy long term productive employment and am always there to answer any queries and provide helpful professional advice at any time in the future. Please see our testimonial page for client recommendations.

We are the London agency that comes to you

Many of my clients are in London so being based one hour from Central London keeps me in touch with clients visiting them in their homes in Mayfair, Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Bishops Avenue, Hampstead and South Kensington.  I have clients with houses and country estates in all UK counties such as Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and even Ireland and Scotland.

Why Engage Domestic Bliss

Through a structured interviewing process I build a detailed picture of each individual’s level of ability, character and personal needs.  This careful process benefits all parties.  You will not waste time and effort on reviewing random CVs and holding inappropriate interviews.  Our goal is to select only the best matches….

This bespoke exclusive service also saves YOU time, money and hassle.

To handle the increasing demands of this specialised professional and personal service I have equipped my offices with the best of modern communication which enable us to talk with clients and staff all over the world and take advantage of video interviewing. CV consultancy and advice on developing job descriptions to enable more accurate placement.

I can be available to you in and out of office hours 24/7.

Please get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you!

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Terms of Business

Since I started my company, I have always worked hard to make sure clients receive value for money and because of the 100% success rate, unlike other agencies there is no upfront fee charged.

Full terms of Business will be sent to explain in detail that on successful placement a deposit is paid once the staff start their new jobs to give the freedom of 12 weeks probation. Only when a placement is confirmed after the 12 week probation is the invoice sent for a fee – there is no charge of VAT.

The fee is 14% of the annual gross salary for permanent placements.

In the unlikely event the placement does not result in an offer that is accepted there is no further fee charged.

Household Couples, Private Chefs and Cooks, Housekeepers, Estate Managers, Personal Assistants, Chauffeurs, Butlers, Gardeners, Governesses, Yacht Crews…