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‘Quality and Service’ – the mantra for my business. Not purely words but an ethos that you will see in all aspects of our work.

Read for yourself from our selection of testimonials from a wide range of clients and candidates.

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Client Testimonials

I am delighted that you have set up your own business and joined the “entrepreneur club”. Those of us who have domestic staff, face many challenges not only in the recruitment of suitable persons, but also ensuring that the work environment we create is “adjusted” to meet the needs of both ourselves and the staff we recruit. Having recruited the staff, you very kindly worked through their induction period by consulting both with the staff and ourselves to ensure that we were aligned. As performance issues arise you have always been helpful and willing to repeat the exercise. Thanks for your efforts to enable both parties meet these challenges.
Tony Bury Chairman Mowgli Foundation

Dear Clare,
Happy New Year. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding us X. She is blossoming all the time and gets more confident and more open as time passes. We really do know how lucky we are and I want you to know what a very professional and caring job you did. Thank you and all good wishes and gratitude.
Lady X

As I’ve said to you before; the difference between you and the other Agencies out there is that you really do care about your clients and are prepared to suggest/recommend/implement what you feel is right for all parties.
House manager Swindon

I’m a great believer in a change like this being a great opportunity! I left my job and started my business in a recession and have never looked back. Its the best thing I have ever done! So very best of luck and let us know when you are up and running. Many thanks and wishing you all the very best with your business.
Client-Owner of a large retail company

Candidate Testimonials

We hope that business is good for you Clare and that Domestic bliss appointments go from strength to strength, you are still the best Domestic Agent in the field…!! No other agency has shown as much care and consideration to our welfare as you have…!!
Couple London

Thank you very much for your suggesting a cooking course, it is really helpful. I have actually looked for one before, but did not find any thing which will be useful (they were all just one day, or just specific cuisine). I also hope our paths do cross. I wish you all the best, good luck and success – you sound absolutely fabulous. Your web site is really stylish and welcoming too.
House keeper cook

Good morning Clare, good to hear from you and glad things are going well…!! We had a look at your new ‘brochure’ it is an excellent concept and a long awaited approach to this funny ‘ol business!! In our experience it is amazing how many people treat their staff with a demeaning attitude!! It is more than a job to us, it is a lifestyle and often 24/7 even off duty we are very much ‘onsite’ and available, we are very flexible but sometimes the mutual respect for privacy and down time is very much one sided. As you know we are searching again for that ‘illusive’ possibly fictitious ‘perfect’ position. Our judge of character has proved to be no measure in which to go by. It does not look too good that we are now in our third, full time position in this business and now looking for our fourth!! Unfortunately our side of the stories are often unheard. Still, we are not quite yet broken and we are going to give one more position a try before we throw in the towel and change our career paths. With the launch of Domestic Bliss Appointments we have renewed faith and hope that finally a position with good, honest, genuine, mentally stable, emotionally unchallenged, realistic and non patronising employers comes our way…..fingers crossed!! :-)
Couple Cornwall