We have a broad range of high quality staff available for a wide variety of job roles. Below we feature just a few of them.

Live in House Keeper


Live in Housekeeper

Available now £500 a week net

Angela should really be named ‘Angel’ as she is a pleasure to work with. A British-Filipina Housekeeper who spent 5 years with her last family she is dedicated and compassionate, Patient, personable and professional in responding to clients needs with a fine eye for detail and a high level of energy.

Angela says ‘My inspiration lies in the comfort and service of others. Employers have mentioned my valuable assets are that of; reliability, clear communication, honesty and being a good listener. Trustworthy Loyal Friendly Reliable Creative Self-directed and motivated’

Good with children and dogs Angela is also great at  cooking and baking and she drives and is a non smoker

Housekeeping Skills include

  • Dusting all surfaces Cleaning and ensuring all glass surfaces are spotless and shiny
  • Polishing any wooden surfaces
  • Stripping bed sheets and changing them to the hotels standard; folding bed corners, fluffing pillows, straightening duvets and adding on any decorative accents on bedding quilted throws, feature pillows
  • Hoovering all areas (lifting or moving any furniture possible) and steaming/mopping necessary flooring
  • Working as a waitress during breakfast, lunch and dinner service hours
  • Silver service dining
  • Daily upkeep of home
  • All laundry Thoroughly disinfecting all areas and surfaces applicable
  • Cleaning skirting boards and ceilings
  • Bathrooms – Daily Sanitising and disinfecting inside and outside of the toilet bowl as well as the flush handle/button,showers and tubs, light switches, door handles Removing all limescale and grout and hairs from drains Unclogging drains with baking soda, vinegar and boiling hot water
  • Changing all towels, floor mats and robes Refilling any hand washes/soaps