Hiring a House Manager, Butler, Palace Manager, Property Manager

Many people would still imagine Jeeves when you talk about a Butler and in traditional households duties such as formal table service, serving drinks, valeting and care of the wine cellar, are still essential.

However in the last few years the ‘modern’ butler tends to be multi-skilled with some principals entertaining less on a grand scale so may combine other areas such as overseeing the cars and acting as a driver or chauffeur, Always with an Eye for detail and the ability to anticipate in advance and adapt accordingly. With Financial accounting and administration they need to have up to date IT knowledge and be familiar with household systems such as Creston and all packages such as Excel, Office based software packages- PCs Apple Mobile phones and modern technology such as TV and music systems.

When clients in country homes seek a butler using Domestic Bliss I am most often asked for skills experience and knowledge of shoots, care of guns and the ability to organise a shooting weekend and manage seasonal staff.

Head butlers often run the work schedules for other household staff and carry out security, driving as well as hospitality duties. They may also be a valet for the principals wardrobe management including packing for holidays and trips.

When clients talk of a House manager they look for previous experience of overseeing the maintenance of properties including the grounds, overseeing building projects and working with supplies and trademen.
Supervision recruitment and training of domestic staff such as housekeepers chefs and childcare, chauffeurs and gardeners, ensuring high standards. Also part of the day to day responsibilities may be the house administration including secretarial work such as emails and filing and projects.

The skills, knowledge and experience of a butler and house manager tend to be unique based on individual experience and duties may reflect the size of the properties they have previously been responsible for and the lifestyle of their principals and the employer’s family situation.

This can include complex roles where the House manager overseas multiple residences in the UK and overseas.
At State and Royal level this is known as a Palace manager and could involve managing hundreds or even thousands of Domestic and office staff as well as overseeing state banquets, overseas tours and the housekeeping department.

Typical responsibilities and duties

  • The smooth running of a household and the efficient cost effective management of the domestic lives of the employers. Overseeing the protocol etiquette and manners involved in the moral of the household.
  • Hospitality servicing of principals and guests- hands on table setting and service, front of house .Knowledge and service of meals, food and wines and all beverages.
  • Event management from small family celebrations to corporate and charity large scale fund raisers.
  • Maintenance of the property on a regular basis. Household project management and overseeing outside contractors, service providers and suppliers.
  • Overseeing household staff including recruitment work timetables holiday diaries and paperwork.
  • Insurance documents, inventories, household manuals and car records.
  • Accounts – keeping daily expenditure records, purchasing. Petty cash and credit card accounting.
  • Household discretion and security- meeting and greeting visitors, handling mail and deliveries. CCTV and alarms . First point of contact and key holder.
  • Key holder for the household valuables safe and cleaning silver, china, antiques keeping inventory and household manuals up to date.
  • Covering for absent staff on days off where appropriate.

Qualifications and skills

  • Experience in a private household
  • Formal training in a butler school or a business qualification – often having worked in Hotels and restaurants with experience of formal service of meals, fine wines and food, cigars humidors, cellar management
  • Smart presentation with manners and calm nature. Leadership qualities but a team player.
  • Expertise in Housekeeping caring for fine arts, antiques, silver jewellery and other metals.
  • Valeting skills- packing laundry knowledge of fine purveyors.


  • House Manager
  • Palace Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Butler
  • Butler House Manager
  • Butler Chauffeur
  • Butler Chef

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To handle the increasing demands of this specialised professional and personal service I have equipped my offices with the best of modern communication which enable us to talk with clients and staff all over the world and take advantage of video interviewing. CV consultancy and advice on developing job descriptions to enable more accurate placement.

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Terms of Business

Since I started my company, I have always worked hard to make sure clients receive value for money and because of the 100% success rate, unlike other agencies there is no upfront fee charged.

Full terms of Business will be sent to explain in detail that on successful placement a deposit is paid once the staff start their new jobs to give the freedom of 12 weeks probation. Only when a placement is confirmed after the 12 week probation is the invoice sent for a fee – there is no charge of VAT.

The fee is 14% of the annual gross salary for permanent placements.

In the unlikely event the placement does not result in an offer that is accepted there is no further fee charged.

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