Staff Tax/Staff payroll/Nanny Tax

If you employ staff in the UK you have the same legal responsibilities as a commercial employer and you must operate a PAYE scheme and pay tax and National Insurance on their behalf.

Stafftax has been supporting domestic employers and helping them organise their nanny tax for over 20 years, and is the original and leading payroll support service for employers in the home.

For a fixed fee of £276.00 (including VAT per annum) Stafftax provides unlimited advice and support on all pay and employment related issues.

Subscribing will:

  • Register you as an employer with HMRC
  • Keep complete payroll records on your behalf
  • Provide you with payslips for your employee weekly or monthly showing tax and NI deductions made on their behalf
  • Process a P45 every time an employee joins or leaves you
  • Send you a quarterly summary of tax and NI due to HMRC
  • Electronically file a Full Payment Submission (FPS) with HMRC each time you pay your employee, as well as an Employer’s Payment Submission (EPS) when necessary. We will also provide you with a year-end summary (P60) for your employee
  • Guide you through any pay-related issues that may arise
  • Keep you up to date with tax rates and other changes that may affect your employment responsibilities, and implement these on your behalf
  • Give concise and clear employment law advice.

Please call 0203 137 4401 and the subscriptions team will be happy to assist with any queries you have before subscribing.

Alternatively, subscribe online by visiting Or if you have recruited a nanny you can contact