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Domestic Couples Jobs

Looking after the best interests of Couples working in private service for over 12 years.

Domestic Bliss Appointments was launched in 2009 by Clare Driver who had worked as part of a couple for 12 years as a cook housekeeper. Domestic Bliss Appointments is now a leading international recruitment agency, head-quartered in Cambridge with clients in London Rural areas all over the UK and overseas.

My clients range from people who run businesses, private individuals and families such as royal families, politicians, international businessmen and other high profile names. We also represent private clients – helping them to find staff for their estates and homes around the world.

Originally the couples division was for established Domestic couples who had worked on estates and in houses but now encompasses yacht couples seeking to go shore based and looking for someone knowledgeable to help guide them.

CV consultancy is free and extensive to ensure the couples are presented as two qualified individual professionals who work as a team. I arrange an interview convenient to your free time and can speak via skype facetime or whatsup video anytime to provide you with a professional informative service.

Once you have given me the details on what you wish to find I will call you with every job that is right for you and get permission to send your details. I follow up and let you know about interviews and send confirmation with maps and details. Post interview I arrange verbal and written offers and acceptance and help provide all the documents to the employer to get you set up and started.

Once your job has started I will be available to you any time for any advice or information and continue to have wonderful relationships with couples I have placed to this day – even looking after one couples dog while they went away, visiting for lunch or tea and celebrating work anniversaries.

If you have a current CV with references from past employers and a current photo send this to me with your contact details so I can schedule a call or just get in touch.