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PART TIME Housekeeper Saffron Walden Essex £17.50 per hour
new I am looking to find a wonderful Part Time experienced Housekeeper Daily part time Cleaner required for  a couple with one son and a dog at their 5 bed cottage in Wimbish. A professional couple  who both work and would love to find someone to help with housework, some laundry and ironing.      ...
Apr, 22
Caretaker Handyman (Or Couple) Lymington 1 bed accommodation
new Are you looking to slow down and semi retire or have connections to the Lymington area  and want to live  in a beautiful place and get a little local work part time ? If so I may be able to help as a  very pleasant couple  are offering a place to live in exchange for one days work with no cost of rent. They are open to someone with a partner or one child as there is a second small bedroom. Animal lovers essential.  If you like bird watching ...
Apr, 21
Gardener Driver Domestic Helper Newmarket LIVE IN 2 bed cottage and 2 mornings work paid
new A gorgeous role for a very pleasant couple retired and living in a gracious home in a village outside Newmarket.  They have had a housekeeper who is retiring and with a slower lifestyle and several other staff who do the hands on cleaning and ironing a full time house keeper is no longer necessary.  They are offering a delightful cottage 2 bedrooms with its own garden.  They have 2 mornings work which would be paid at £12 per hour.  They are...
Apr, 21
Part time Housekeeper Cotsworlds £15-18 per hour
new This is a lovely role in a beautiful old Cotswolds home that is in part time residence near Stroud. The pleasant appreciative employer are a couple who are resident 4 days a week are looking for a friendly professional part time house keeper, 5 mornings or afternoons a week, 20-25 hours – Some one knowledgeable and hands on who as a  housekeeper has been used to caring for a quality interior and care of antiques, silver,  brass keeping ...
Apr, 16
PART TIME Housekeeper Dunmow Essex £15 per hour
I am looking to find a wonderful Part Time experienced Housekeeper Daily part time Cleaner required for  4 bed contemporary house located in Dunmow Essex. (near Stansted) The principals are a professional couple  who really appreciated their last housekeeper -the previous housekeeper said  this lovely house was a pleasure to keep sparkling. All housework, some laundry and ironing. In addition the housekeeper may be able to help with laun...
Mar, 23
Daily part time Housekeeper Jersey £22500 UNDER OFFER
5/2 ON TRIAL AN OFFER MADE THROUGH DOMESTIC BLISS   Housekeeper Monday to Friday 6 hours a day Looking for a super professional housekeeper cleaner or a warm and efficient homemaker who cares and is kind - possibly a mum returning to work with older children or a semi retired person who is a good housekeeper who is looking for a small but appreciated job. The client lives in St Martin, Jersey 50% of his time and works part-time i...
Mar, 12
Live in Couple West Sussex NOW FILLED
THIS IS NOW FILLED     A very nice couple with  children who have flown the nest are seeking a reliable caretaking couple to live in a one bedroom cottage and care for their Home a lovely manor  in west Sussex in a rural village. They couple can work as a team 20 to 25 hours 5 days a week to clean and care for the home do the laundry and manage a nice sized garden mainly laid to lawn. £26000...
Jan, 26
Part time Housekeeper Wincanton Somerset £20 per hour
A lovely warm friendly professional and proactive Daily Part time housekeeper for a family who live near Castle Cary Somerset.  The parents both work and really want a super allrounder housekeeper cleaner- we are thinking perhaps a working mum or an energetic grandmother who has lots of love for household tasks and homemaking ability - who would enjoy making the lives of these nice people run so much smoother - a nice clean and organised home, h...
Dec, 11
Part time Secretary Bishop Stortford This is now filled
This is now filled. This role is for a really lovely retired gentleman at the gracious family home - he is looking for a mature top notch aid with secretarial and investment experience a well as general office administration filing (some old school) . Handling everything from house accounts to investments Need to drive as in a rural village - 4-8 hours over one day a week £25 an hour...
Nov, 17
Part time Cleaner Ickleton £15 per hour ( 2 similar posts!)
This is a part time cleaner post helping  a very nice couple at their charming farm house  - Due to the retirement of the current cleaner they would love hands on help cleaning the ground floor once a week or even once fortnight. 2 hours for £15 an hour -...
Nov, 15
Part time Housekeeper cleaner Dorset £17 per hour
Just coming in - more help needed for a busy mum...
Oct, 30
Daily part time HouseKeeper Newmarket £18 PER HOUR
A gorgeous post in a beautiful Hall just outside of Newmarket for a family of 4.  Looking for an  experienced and professional warm family part time cleaner housekeeper who can help in all aspects of care  keeping things clean tidy and organised.  Previous experience caring for antiques furnishings silver and brass. Care of linens and bed changes.  There is a full time house keeper and other staff such as gardeners . Some laundry and iron...
Oct, 29
Norfolk Part time housekeeper £18 per hour 2 days
Daily part time housekeeper £18 an hour This is a really lovely post for a large historical home near Wymondham. A professional housekeeper who is friendly and helpful.  Sue is a housekeeper working part time she is cutting down her hours to do more volunteer work a she is happy to show you the ropes   Reliable, trustworthy, polite and well presented  easy to have around values of good manners, respect, kindness and trust...
Sep, 30
Part time Housekeeper cleaner THIS IS NOW PLACED VIA DOMESTIC BLISS
Housekeeper cleaner for 3 days x 3 hours or similar Sloane Square. All cleaning duties  keeping the flat in a routine to stay sparkling and organised.  Some washing and ironing. Being responsible and reliable - really nice appreciative employer. £17 an hour...
Aug, 18
Part time private housekeeper Staffordshire
£15 an hour 27 hours plus any babysitting or housesitting 3  days a week but must be a Tuesday and Wednesday till 7.30 and 8.30pm 10-12 hours hands on cleaning 2 hours laundry 4 hours cooking Rest driving and overseeing children...
Apr, 09


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