Muriel Benali is one of the finest House Managers I had the pleasure of working with over the years placing her with my clients in Marbella and in France with her husband to run a Chateaux.  Now they are at Villa Domaine Luccia which is now taking bookings for the summer.  It looks fantastic . Located at the foot of the most charming hilltop villages of Luberon, la Grande Bastide, Domaine Luccia fits elegantly and naturally into one of the most enchanting landscapes of Provence. This beautiful majestic house offers the perfect balance between the refinement of the old and the current comfort. With Muriel and her husband Francois, this will be the perfect holiday.

Out of season

From 4th January to 16th May 2019 and 28th September to 31 December 2019 (except Christmas and New Year)

30,000 euros


Middle Season

From 17th May to 21st June 2019 and from 7th September to 27th September

10,000 euros


High Season

From 22nd June to 4th July 2019 and from 24th August to 6th September 2019

15,000 euros


Very High Season

From 5th July to 23rd August 2019

20,000 euro