Good morning Clare, good to hear from you and glad things are going well…!! We had a look at your new ‘brochure’ it is an excellent concept and a long awaited approach to this funny ‘ol business!! In our experience it is amazing how many people treat their staff with a demeaning attitude!! It is more than a job to us, it is a lifestyle and often 24/7 even off duty we are very much ‘onsite’ and available, we are very flexible but sometimes the mutual respect for privacy and down time is very much one sided. As you know we are searching again for that ‘illusive’ possibly fictitious ‘perfect’ position. Our judge of character has proved to be no measure in which to go by. It does not look too good that we are now in our third, full time position in this business and now looking for our fourth!! Unfortunately our side of the stories are often unheard. Still, we are not quite yet broken and we are going to give one more position a try before we throw in the towel and change our career paths. With the launch of Domestic Bliss Appointments we have renewed faith and hope that finally a position with good, honest, genuine, mentally stable, emotionally unchallenged, realistic and non patronising employers comes our way…..fingers crossed!! :-)

Couple, Cornwall