I have spoken to Clare who has a small independent agency, a one man team, whom I have known for many years. Clare has great knowledge and understanding of placing candidates in Private homes and very much understands the workings of a private estate, such as yours! I have had a relationship with her for many years and I can call her up for advice at any time and she is always willing to help. I don’t abuse that time either!

The conditions of me passing on her details are really rather simple. The interview process is pretty swift for each candidate/couple she puts forwards to you and reasonable time allowed before getting back to her with a decision. Clare will not do a trial and has never placed anyone in ten years that has ever had a trail. Clare will give you the best candidates possible to suit the role and to suit the requirements of your family and estate. The benefit of using Clare are simple, if you do decide to employ a candidate of hers, she will be on the end of the phone or email to guide you as much as possible and also the candidates. I feel the relationship is worth its weight in gold and Clare really is a person you can really talk to about every situation. Clare is honest, truthful and to the point.

If you do decide to use Clare, of course fees are apparent but you get more than just a person filling a position and asking for their fees to be paid immediately. Clare would also be good to speak to about the roles you are wishing to fulfil, the salaries you should expect to pay, the hours about the role and any other concerns that you may have. Clare might just be able to get you the right person and help you develop that relationship for the long term.

Housemanager Henley