One of the most beautiful times of Year for a garden is when the frosts arrive and tip silver on to the plants giving a magical winter wonderland.

The structure of shrubs, trees and grasses can be showcased when the flowering garden is in its winter sleep.  One of the most lovely ways is with Topiary .

I visited  a garden this morning that was stunning and they were about to decorate the topiary in the formal garden with Christmas lights.  With  Covid virus the garden is an ideal social space and they envisage still celebrating but wrapped up with mulled wine walking and talking in the garden festively lit and capturing the beauty of the garden.

I am so proud to represent some brilliant gardeners who are qualified in Horticulture and gifted like Liam in Norfolk with his stunning topiary work and Justin in the Cotswolds who is a Kew Gardens and RHS Masters graduate with over 25 years experience.   I hope that the amazing Onform Sculpture May 2021 will go ahead bringing art and gardens together.  Although some of these gardens are indeed works of art themselves