Working in a private home with the Corona Virus in the news many Housekeepers can be at the front line of protecting the home they work in from spreading germs.  Using products like Zoflora and Dettol you can antibacterial all surfaces – don’t forget about phones.  Bathrooms and kitchens are the most vulnerable for cross contamination.  Wipe with hot water and anti bacterial cleaners – where there is food or children use Miltons either liquid or drop in a tablet to a bucket of hot water to wipe the fridge and other surfaces.  Ensure a hot wash for mugs in the dishwasher. Anything that touches the mouth – have a jug of boiling water and Miltons to drop toothbrushes into after use.  Encourage the children in the household to take off shoes at the door and wash their hands or even take off uniforms and have a quick shower before changing. Remove rubbish daily into the outside bins.

Make sure there are plenty of tissues and toilet paper and handwash in every cloakroom even antibacterial hand wash – it may be important to change towels daily and offer paper towels instead of hand towels to visitors outside the house.  Wipe doorbells and door handles and wear gloves yourself to avoid touching these.

Bed sheets can be washed in a hot wash and dryer. perhaps change pillow cases more times in a week.


But remember the newspaper stories to sell papers are raising panic and are read by the elderly who feel much more vulnerable

My mum has bought a lot of tea!  Stockpiling food essentials may make them feel better.  Be kind – resist hugging and  touching them or kissing them and help wipe their homes and surfaces as well.